Avoid Monday Morning Stress in 5 Steps

Take 5-10 minutes before bed on Sunday to stretch and clear your mind. A little self-love can go a long way. Find a few basic stretches, or even light exercises, that feel good to kick off your bedtime routine. Physical movement combined with a few minutes of meditation can relieve stress, boost self-confidence and even improve your sleep.

Pick out your outfit the night before -- something my mom made me do when I was little girl and I thought was so silly. Now I realize how smart she was! I used to stare into my closet for far too long in the morning trying to decide what to wear. Then I found myself flying around the room trying to get dressed as quickly as possible to make up for lost time. With your clothes ready to go, you avoid wasting time and can spend your Monday morning brain power on more important things.

Go to bed early. You know how much sleep your body needs to be top performing. Plan to give your body at least that amount of sleep Sunday night going into Monday (especially if you had a busy weekend). Getting enough sleep can impact your body both physically and mentally. Rolling out of bed Monday morning can actually feel pretty good if your body has been rested and fueled with the sleep it needs.

Make Monday a no hair washing day. Keep your Monday morning beauty routine as simple as possible to help you ease back into the week slowly. If you like a morning shower, plan to use a shower cap, like our Maizie Shower Cap, to keep your hair dry and styled for minimal fuss.

Plan to be at work (even if it's your living room) a few minutes early. This will help you avoid the all too familiar stress caused by running late. You might also be surprised at how great you’ll feel just by being 2 steps ahead – and a few minutes is all it really takes! Plus, being early will help make sure you have time to stop and grab that oh-so-important cup of coffee.