Maizie Shower Cap

Maizie Shower Cap

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You don’t wash your hair everyday right? Most hair professionals will tell you 1-2 washes per week is best for hair health.

Do you spend time stuffing your hair into an old-school shower cap? Perhaps you shower with a towel on your head? Or maybe you do a fancy 2 step in the shower to keep your hair dry?

The Maizie Shower Cap™ protects your hair from water and steam WHILE preserving your hairstyle. No more kinky, frizzy hair. Good-bye ponytail dent. The cap slips on in seconds without crushing or creasing your hair. The patent pending design allows your hair to fall naturally inside the cap so you can shower as long as you want without worrying about your beautiful locks. Constructed from premium fabric. Machine washable, waterproof, antimicrobial and breathable.

Optional Easy Close:

The bottom of the shower cap may be closed by using the elastic loop (similar to a hair tie).  

Care Instructions:

  • Hang dry after each use
  • Machine wash cold when needed
  • Do not bleach, iron or tumble dry

Select your size:

Measure the distance from the back of your neck at the hairline down to the bottom of your hair:

10 inches or less, choose the small size

Longer than 10 inches, choose the large size