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Making selfcare simple without sacrificing style. Women spend hours on their appearance each week. We want to give you back some of that time. And we want you to feel great about how you look.

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"Taking care of myself has always been a priority from exercise and beauty to sleep and mental health. The confidence curated from selfcare gives me strength to thrive, take care of others and ultimately be happy. I fell in love with this product to simplify beauty and haircare. Less time spent beautifying means more time spent on what's important to me. And without sacrificing style or self-confidence."





Standard shower caps were never for me. Too difficult to stuff my hair into, never preserved my hairstyle, and they looked and felt cheap. Rather than use a shower cap, I learned to shower with a t-shirt on my head. Strange I know, and definitely not waterproof, but it didn’t leave my hair too awfully kinked and frizzy so I considered it a win. Months of t-shirt wearing along with uncomfortably quick showers finally led to the idea for the Maizie Shower Cap.

I first thought about making BlueberryIris a reality during graduate school. Life was busy and my vision was a pipe dream. After graduation I was offered a phenomenal opportunity to help build a company from the ground up. I spent the next five years grinding it out (and loving every minute of it) to bring an entirely new beauty line to the ecommerce market. Finally, two kids later, I parted ways for a more family flexible lifestyle. After some time to clear my mind, and a few wet t-shirts later, I decided it was now or never. And here we are today.